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Some US Mega Millions trivia facts:
• The very first Mega Millions game resulted in a jackpot win! The initial drawing under the new Mega Millions banner (formerly known as The Big Game up until 2002), resulted in a $27 million win which originated from Chicago.
• The very next week, the jackpot prize was won yet again – meaning that there were two consecutive jackpot winners in the first two consecutive draws!
• In March 2007, and in pursuit of the then-record $390 million jackpot, more than 200 million tickets were sold, at $1 a ticket. That’s over 200 million entries for a single draw!
• The US Mega Millions lottery game holds the record for the largest jackpot prize; $656 million, which was won in March 2012 by three winning ticket holders.
• After only being in existence for 68 draws (a total of 34 weeks), the Mega Millions game officially sold its billionth ticket on January 7, 2003.
• And only a mere 49 draws later, the third billionth ticket was sold!
This truly makes the US Mega Millions one of the biggest, most popular, and most lucrative lottery games to be found on the face of this planet. If you haven’t yet caught on to the craze of playing your favourite international lottery game online, then we suggest you experience your first Mega Millions game draw by clicking here.

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