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Latest US Powerball – We Have A Winner!

The biggest and most lucrative USA Lotto games, which you can now play online, have the potential to turn you into a multimillionaire and can see you walking away with enough money to change your life.  By snatching up a jackpot prize with your favourite game, you could be well on your way to making all of your dreams come true.  You’ll finally be able to take some time to yourself without the stress that you won’t have enough money to get through the month.  If you do things the right way, you could even see the amount growing too!  Have a look at the latest results to see what your chances are of becoming an instant winner:

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There was one player who was fortunate enough to claim the latest jackpot prize in Saturday’s (18th April) Powerball draw.  This player fell into the first tier, where they were granted with their guaranteed prize of a life-changing $50 million for matching the five main numbers as well as the Power Ball.  The winning continued into the second prize tier, where another two players were victorious.  For matching the five main numbers drawn, each of these players walked away with $1 million.  In the third prize tier, with winnings of a high $10, 000, there were as many as 33 players who were able to match four main numbers and the Power Ball.  In the last of the top prize tiers, the fourth tier placed 831 players who are were awarded with $100 for matching four of the five main numbers.  For all of the latest Powerball results as well as the winning lottery numbers, please have a look at the table below:

With the jackpot prize being scooped up this past weekend, there will be no need for a rollover to take place this week.  This leaves the estimated jackpot prize for the upcoming draw on Wednesday (23rd April) at a fresh $40 million.  When placing your entries for this draw, you might even want to give the Mega Millions lottery a try too.  Having a jackpot prize of a mind-blowing $78 million available in Friday’s (24th April) draw, there’s clearly no going wrong when you play the USA lottery.

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When you play the lotto online, there are an endless amount of opportunities for you to win big.  Not only can you play your favourite American lotteries, but you can also take your pick from a range of the most popular lotteries from all over the world.  Remember to make your lucky number selections and place your entries in time to be in the running to become the next jackpot winner.  Best of luck to all of those who will be playing this week!