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Lottery Horoscope Aspiration


There are more and more people who rely upon and win using their lucky lotto numbers, which is directly linked to their star sign.
You can find all the information you will ever need below relating to your Star Sign:

aries title

MARCH 21st – APRIL 20th

You’re a tempestuous spirit at the best of times; impulsive and impatient, you’re always beating everybody in seeing who can place their bets first in time for the next draw. The only negative to this impulsive and “I can do it!” nature, is that you have a much longer, drawn-out waiting period before the lottery results come through. You’ve never been one to back down from a challenge; and as such, the immense odds of the bigger international lottery games don’t even scare you in the least. Bring it on!

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 3, 37, 38, 51, 56 | Mega Ball 3

FINANCES: The key is to exercise patience during the course of this month – avoid little plots and schemes to score a quick buck, as a salary increase could be on the cards for you.
CAREER: On the 1st you will enter your annual career peak.
LUCK DAY: 4 March
MONEY DAY: 7 March

taurus title

APRIL 21st – MAY 21st

You take a great deal of pleasure and pride in sitting back, and watching your money grow right in front of your eyes. Your lottery fund is in great shape, and even better news is that you can look forward to some serious activity in the account once your favourite international lottery starts rolling over!

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 9, 11, 18, 52, 53 | Mega Ball 6

FINANCES: There’s nothing like a good bit of stress to get the blood pumping real hard – luckily though, you have the ability to handle it.
CAREER: You will be more focused from the 21st onwards – and just as well, because it would appear that foreign travel happens to be on the cards.
LUCKY DAY: 12 March
MONEY DAY: 19 March

gemini title

MAY 22nd – JUNE 21st

You’re going to leave Old Father Time feeling quite frazzled, owing to your tendency to push the boundaries of time as far as possible – although you feel drawn to the big American lotteries which promise huge rewards, you like waiting until the absolute last minute before playing the numbers that you finally decide on, with mere moments to spare.

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 13, 18, 21, 27, 38 | Mega Ball 7

FINANCES: Things will be looking up for you during this month, as your partner is bound to be a bit more generous than usual.
CAREER: You may not be your usual confident self this month in the workplace – but, take heart: A little humility will go a long way.
LUCKY DAY: 8 March
MONEY DAY: 22 March

cancer title

JUNE 22nd – JULY 23rd

Forever the traditionalist, you are naturally inclined to go along with the lottery game which you’ve always preferred. Even though you’re not a fan of the mid-week draws and believe that the draws should take place over a weekend, you are still complacent because the large jackpot prizes more than make up for the inconvenience of a mid-week draw (in your mind, anyways).

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 15, 18, 19, 27, 41 | Mega Ball 2

FINANCES: By this time, you have finely-honed your talent for balancing your finances, and often to your advantage. Be wary, though: Don’t overspend on Christmas shopping before the 21st.
CAREER: Healthy living and your corporate persona are dominating your life right now. You feel extra motivated to achieve goals that you have set for yourself in the workplace, so you are committed to achieving those goals.
LUCKY DAY: 6 March
MONEY DAY: 16 March
leo title

JULY 24th – AUGUST 23rd

The saying “Work hard, play harder” has never been more apt – you have personally taken that on as your own motto, and you’re striving for absolute success and will accept no less. You adapt the same philosophy in your lottery playing style, although let it be said you do get a fair shove along by dear Lady Luck. You are generous by nature, so you will most likely use your lottery winnings to help those around you who need it more than you do. After you buy your dream sports car, of course!

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 3, 5, 11, 30, 48 | Mega Ball 4

FINANCES: This will prove to be an excellent time for your finances. After receiving your year-end performance bonus, try to not go overboard in your spending habits, despite you smiling every time you look at your bank balance.
CAREER: There are goals in the workplace which need to be achieved before you can sit back and relax, so be sure to remain focused and razor-sharp during office hours.
LUCKY DAY: 11 March
MONEY DAY: 13 March
virgo title


Thanks to your meticulous nature, you most likely have a spreadsheet or little black book which lists all your lottery-related activities, right down to the winning numbers and jackpot size. Your tendency of double-, then triple-checking every single detail cannot go unnoticed, and you’re always sure to file all results accordingly.

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 3, 10, 32, 41, 44 | Mega Ball 9

FINANCES: You are of sound financial judgement; well done to you. Just ensure that all your festive shopping is completed before the 21st.
CAREER: Things may progress at a rapid pace, so just ensure that you are braced to keep pace. Avoid falling into an anxiety pit, as this could have a negative impact.
LUCKY DAY: 19 March
MONEY DAY: 25 March
libra title


Being a child of the scales, you feel it’s utterly unfair to have to choose between so many tempting lottery games. Because they all have pros and cons, you may just eventually end up playing each and every game you can get your hands on. You may want to consider starting a lottery pool with your closest friends; you will definitely enjoy dividing up all winnings equally amongst them!

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 2, 8, 25, 30, 38 | Mega Ball 7

FINANCES: Even though your financial situation may be looking better for this month, just bear in mind that you’re still not out of the woods yet. Practice restraint and caution with all purchasing decisions.
CAREER: You could also be looking at a job description change/improvement. Be sure to be proactive in the workplace; you are effectively sowing seeds of prosperity which will blossom in the new year.
LUCKY DAY: 12 March
MONEY DAY: 27 March
scorpio title


You already have your exit strategy in place for when you win your favourite lottery’s jackpot prize, thanks to your paranoia of having random strangers in the street approaching you and asking you to settle all their existing debts. Be sure to remain extra-secretive about your lottery activities, as you cannot risk having somebody else hijack your lucky numbers and win with them!

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 1, 11, 18, 27, 46 | Mega Ball 2

FINANCES: Keep a close eye on your finances during now and the 21st. If it’s clarity you seek; be patient. Everything in due time.
CAREER: Changes in the workplace could be on the cards; bear in mind though – these changes are the result of prosperity, not the lack thereof.
LUCKY DAY: 13 March
MONEY DAY: 22 March
sagittarius title


As an individual who is hooked onto experiencing new things, it will be like one huge adventure for you to participate in online lotteries – this will actually suit you perfectly though, as you will be traveling regularly. Always go for the lotteries with the biggest prizes… As the saying goes, “Go big or go home!”

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 11, 16, 22, 32, 36 | Mega Ball 8

FINANCES: Since the money is rolling in on a grand scale, be careful to not let illness get the better of you at this stage.
CAREER: Your independence levels are at an all-time high, so use this time to your advantage to create the perfect conditions for your benefit.
LUCKY DAY: 14 March
MONEY DAY: 19 March
capricorn title


Starting out with the smaller lotteries and working your way up to the top sounds like a good plan for you. Natural ambition along with a healthy dose of conservativeness is the way you like to be; and your lottery gaming style reflects that. You really prefer a straight lotto game with a cash payout.

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 2, 30, 34, 38, 44 | Mega Ball 8

FINANCES: Your financial judgement is finally back on the level that it should have been all this time. No more letting yourself slide, okay?
CAREER: Through determination, dedication and hard work, you will have no problem in attaining your goals.
LUCKY DAY: 8 December
MONEY DAY: 19th December
aquarius title


You are constantly coming up with refreshingly new and inventful ways of determining your lottery numbers which you would like to play. Sometimes it could be a number plate which catches your attention, or a random phone number. Occasionally, it could be a combination of prices on a menu, averaged out against how many people are in the restaurant with you. Whatever it is, keep on doing what you do – your numbers selection is totally unique, and so are you.

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 15, 17, 25, 27, 40 | Mega Ball 6

FINANCES: Your accomplishments within the next thirty days will yield attractive results. Work hard.
CAREER: Now is a great time to broaden your knowledge and experience with technology – this may have a direct impact on your future finances.
LUCKY DAY: 3 March
MONEY DAY: 8 March
pisces title

FEBRUARY 20th – MARCH 20th

This is the time for you to make a concerted effort at playing more lotteries, instead of just sitting back and dreaming about winning it. If you’re not in it, you can’t win it! The lottery games which you should focus your attentions to are the Mega Millions game, as well as the EuroMillions lottery.

LUCKY LOTTO NUMBERS: 14, 18, 33, 35, 40 | Mega Ball 3

FINANCES: You have been having to put up with and deal with financial change all year long. There are more changes headed your way from the 23rd to the 31st… and probably in the way you least expect it.
CAREER: There are complications on the horizon for you. People will be abandoning you, and challenges will loom.
LUCKY DAY: 15 March
MONEY DAY: 25 March