MegaMillions Aspirational

Mega Millions draw: 17 December 2013


Interest and expectations are higher than ever in the US Mega Millions game, following yet another rollover which has resulted in this jackpot amount fast approaching a new record! After the 21st rollover on Friday, the expected jackpot amount had suddenly surged to $425 million, following an unexpected spike in ticket sales during the build up to the draw.

Total ticket sales for last Friday’s draw (which should have seen the expected jackpot sitting at $400 million, but spiked thanks to the rise in ticket sales) totalled a massive $168 million amongst all the US state jurisdictions in which this game is played, which is 40% higher than the initial expectations by lottery officials. With the next draw scheduled to take place this evening (Tuesday, 17 December 2013) we could see yet another spike in ticket sales, as more and more last-minute players decide to toss in their chips as well and try their luck at the current $550 million jackpot. Should this jackpot see yet another rollover during tonight’s draw, we can be almost certain that we will be witnessing a new highest-jackpot record being set by the US Mega Millions, undoubtedly one of the planet’s most exciting international lottery games!

If you haven’t yet decided to join countless scores of lottery players all over the world in playing for this scintillating jackpot, then we’re not entirely sure why you haven’t – but, rest assured, this would be your last chance to get your lucky numbers played in the build-up to tonight’s draw! With $550 million on the table, that’s 550 million reasons why you should be a part of this game! The festive season is upon us; just think of all the giving you would be able to do with a Mega Millions jackpot win. This is your chance to end off your year with a massive bang; so play Mega Millions online today and stand a chance to win huge!