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Playing the Mega Millions lottery has never been easier, or more exciting. In the past, international lottery players could only sit back and watch with dreamy eyes as the American lottery players got to benefit from the Mega Millions game week on week. But, thanks to sites such as, access to these premier and highly lucrative international lotteries has now become a reality, allowing you to participate in the weekly draws and indeed feel like an integral part of the action – no matter where in the world you happen to be!

need cash gifThe Mega Millions international lottery is one of the richer lottery games available to the market these days, and comes with a rich history thanks to its innumerable lottery jackpot wins. It also holds the impressive record of handing out what is largely considered to be the biggest jackpot in US lotto history – a mammoth $656 million, handed to three players in March 2012 after all three of them managed to inconceivably beat the odds of 1 in 175.7 million of taking home this lottery jackpot.


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PlayHugeLottos.comThe game gets played in a fairly simple, straightforward fashion. While the game initially utilized a 56-ball pool for the main numbers, and a 46-ball pool for the Mega Ball number; this format has since been revised to improve the odds of winning an overall prize. These days, players are encouraged to make their selection of five main numbers from a 75-ball pool and the Mega Ball selection from a 15-ball pool. These revisions to the game format have seen the odds improve considerably; now offering overall odds of 1 in 15 of securing a tier win. The odds of securing a single-ticket jackpot win, however, have been calculated to be 1 in 258.9 million.
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In addition to the standard Mega Millions game format, players are also encouraged to utilize the Megaplier option on their lines played in the Mega Millions lotto. Whilst most players tend to overlook this option, it has the ability of allowing for impressive prize payouts; generally far-exceeding a standard tier prize value. While the previous game structure employed a Megaplier up to the value of four, the new game revisions brought about with it the ability for the Megaplier to increase a tier prize winning up to the value of five. As an example: The second tier prize in the Mega Millions game is $1 million, no questions asked. Now, if a player places in the second tier without having activated the Megaplier, then their prize remains that. However, should the player have opted for the Megaplier feature, that $1 million prize has the potential to multiply itself up to five  times – meaning that, without even needing to get the full jackpot combination, the player can win up to $5 million in the second prize tier. It is advisable to always play the Megaplier, wherever possible!

The Mega Millions draws take place twice a week; every Tuesday and Friday at 23h00 Eastern Time.

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