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The USA Powerball, undoubtedly one of the biggest USA lotto games in existence today, is not only hugely popular in its home continent, but has players from all corners of the globe equally ensnared in its alluring charm. And, with a top jackpot prize of a ground-breaking $590.5 million (that’s $590,500,000!) which was awarded to a single-ticket win, it’s not really hard to see why this game has the global audience of lotto enthusiasts thoroughly enchanted by all it can offer. Regular jackpot prizes exceeding nine figures are the norm for this game, and it is also firmly entrenched in lotto history; thanks to the game making its debut way back in 1992 as the US Powerball (it was previously known as the Lotto America game).

It is also one of the very few international lotto games which offers a guaranteed minimum jackpot prize of $40,000,000; not only do players have the opportunity to become magnificently rich even with a base-figure jackpot courtesy of the game, but it’s also one of the very few lotto games to also award second tier winners with a $1,000,000 cash prize for placing in the tier! As if this wasn’t incentive enough, when purchasing your entry ticket into the US Powerball lotto game, you also have the opportunity to utilize the game’s unique Power Play feature which can multiply a tier win anything up to 5x! (Please note that the Power Play option does not affect the jackpot and the second tier prize, although the second tier prize will jump up to $2 million). This truly makes the US Powerball one of the most desirable lottery games to participate in. Aspiration

The US Powerball lotto game makes use of two draw machines, each drawing different sets of numbers – this makes the draw method quite similar to the US Mega Millions, as well as EuroMillions international lottery games. Powerball players need to correctly match five numbers from a range of a possible 59 balls (these are the white numbers, also known as the main numbers), and one number from a range of a possible 35 balls (these are the red bonus ‘Powerballs’). If a player correctly matches up all six numbers that have been drawn, then this will immediately qualify them for a jackpot win. Why not play the US Powerball online right now?

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