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Upcoming Powerball – $80 million Could Be Yours!

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With all of the most popular US lotto games taking place each week, you have no excuse to not get in on all of the action.  Here’s a recap of the last game, which should be all the reason that you need to have you clicking away to place your entries for the upcoming draw this weekend: There were no ... Read More »

Single Mother Scoops Up Powerball Win


This lucky lotto win couldn’t have come at any better time for this single mother of four from a small town in North Carolina.  Marie Holmes was one of three winners to scoop up the huge Powerball jackpot prize which was drawn earlier this month.  She stated that the best things about having winning lottery numbers is the fact that ... Read More »

Powerball Results and Winnings | 18th Feb. ’15

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Now that there’s something as convenient as the online lottery, playing all of your favourite games won’t take you any longer than five minutes.  We all know what this means – you could be a player one day and a lucky lotto winner the next!  With one of the most popular games taking place yesterday, let’s take a look at ... Read More »

Latest Lottery Results – 3 Feb. ’15


  As the week gets into full swing, the time has never been better to make all of your dreams come true by winning big with your favourite international lottery game. Who knows how the month of February could pan out for you? If you want an idea of what you could be winning keep reading to find out what ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive smartphones for the Millionaire

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Communication these days is something that has virtually become an essential part of living. If you’re not connected at all times via SOME means (be it telephonic/email/social media/instant messaging), isn’t it strange that you feel so “distanced” from the rest of humanity? The technology behind our mobile devices is evolving at a constant rate, with manufacturers in competition with each ... Read More »

Mega Millions Jackpot: Hello, $309m!

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The US Mega Millions is on a roll… A rollover, to be exact! This world-famous lottery game has been enjoying the attention received by millions of lottery enthusiasts all over the world, with it’s steadily-increasing jackpot prize up for grabs to the player – or players – who are fortunate enough to correctly match up all five main numbers (ranging ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Friday, 21 February 2014

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The latest instalment of the popular US Mega Millions game saw it being the (current) highest-paying jackpot game available. This $172,000,000 kitty on offer naturally saw a large amount of entries into the game; but were any of these entries fortunate enough to secure themselves a jackpot win? Here are the numbers that were drawn on Friday evening: These were ... Read More »

US Powerball Results | Saturday, 15 February ’14


The international lottery game currently on everybody’s lips, the US Powerball, has been enjoying huge media exposure thanks to its magnificent jackpot on offer. For a lotto game best known for its $590,500,000 single-ticket jackpot win (a record win), thanks to its mega rollover spree it has embarked on players were looking forward to competing for a $330,000,000 jackpot prize ... Read More »

US Powerball Results | Wednesday, 12 February 2014

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It’s been a while since the US Powerball game has been afforded the opportunity to flex its jackpot muscles and show just what this massively popular international lotto game is capable of; but last night it finally got its chance, teasing game entrants with its $284,000,000 jackpot before refusing to reward any top tier wins. While there may have been ... Read More »