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Latest EuroMillions and MegaMillions Results – 18/02/15


As the middle of the week approaches winds down, the time has never been better to take a look at the latest lottery resultsfrom the last few days in order to see what you could be winning should you decide to play the lotto online. Who knows what you could be winning. Keep reading to find out more! Yesterday’s (Tuesday, ... Read More »

$270m Mega Millions Jackpot: Play to win!

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A very healthy spate of rollovers has seen US lotto giant, the Mega Millions, go into tonight’s draw (Friday, 7 March 2014) with a palatable $270 million jackpot – that’s nine digits worth of reasons to play your lucky lotto numbers in time for the draw! If you were to come across this win, a celebration would most certainly be ... Read More »

Next US Mega Millions Draw: What to Expect

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The next round of the ever-popular and internationally recognized lottery powerhouse, the US Mega Millions, is scheduled to take place tomorrow – Friday, 24 January 2014. Even though this lotto game has the potential to pay well into nine-figure jackpot prizes (exceeding the half a billion dollar mark, in fact!), for tomorrow’s draw we can expect to see a comparatively ... Read More »

The Mega Millions Rush


Never before has a lottery game been able to evoke such a broad range of emotions in a single draw – yet, millions upon millions of players felt a deep sense of loss as their dreams were dashed against the rocks upon discovering that the US Mega Millions jackpot had been claimed on Tuesday evening by two US players, hailing ... Read More »

Mega Millions Results | 17 December 2013


  STOP THE PRESS! Ladies and gentlemen: It brings us great joy to announce to you that, following last night’s draw (Tuesday, 17 December 2013), the US Mega Millions game has awarded its astronomical $636 million jackpot amount to two VERY lucky winners. Despite each winner only walking away with $318 million apiece, that is still a hugely impressive win ... Read More »

Mega Millions Update: Jackpot prize increases to $586m!

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The US Mega Millions international lottery jackpot has seen a spate of rollovers which has put it into a considerably powerful position – with $586 million on offer for tonight’s draw (Tuesday, 17 December 2013) we could see a potentially massive jackpot win! This huge jackpot comes courtesy of a total of 21 rollovers so far, which saw the jackpot ... Read More »

Mega Millions draw: 17 December 2013


Interest and expectations are higher than ever in the US Mega Millions game, following yet another rollover which has resulted in this jackpot amount fast approaching a new record! After the 21st rollover on Friday, the expected jackpot amount had suddenly surged to $425 million, following an unexpected spike in ticket sales during the build up to the draw. Total ... Read More »

Most Expensive Surgeries in the World


Whether we like admitting to it or not, aging is never a particularly graceful affair. Along with the age, comes a number of ailments and complaints that will most likely catch you off-guard somewhere along the line. Whether it be something that comes with the turf such as grey hair and wrinkles, or something more serious which requires urgent medical ... Read More »

Play Lotto On This Rare Date!


Sequential dates such as today’s date of 11/12/13 are popular for people who want a bit of extra luck in their lives. Many weddings are planned for these dates, as well as lottery ticket sales soaring for the chance at a multimillion jackpot prize. And today’s date is particularly special – it’s the last time this century will see it. ... Read More »

Mega-Luck Coming This Friday the 13th!

The Mega Millions has been dishing out mega cash prizes for some seventeen years, and in that time there have been a few massive jackpots awarded to regular lottery punters whose lives were changed in an instant! The top three jackpots were $380 million from 2011, $390 million from 2007 and the famous world-record jackpot of $656 million from last ... Read More »