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Latest EuroMillions and MegaMillions Results – 18/02/15


As the middle of the week approaches winds down, the time has never been better to take a look at the latest lottery resultsfrom the last few days in order to see what you could be winning should you decide to play the lotto online. Who knows what you could be winning. Keep reading to find out more! Yesterday’s (Tuesday, ... Read More »

Latest Lottery Results – 3 Feb. ’15


  As the week gets into full swing, the time has never been better to make all of your dreams come true by winning big with your favourite international lottery game. Who knows how the month of February could pan out for you? If you want an idea of what you could be winning keep reading to find out what ... Read More »

US Lotto Update | 11 April

money in the hands

It’s been an interesting weeks as far as our favourite US lotto games go. With playing host to only the very best; the US Mega Millions and the US Powerball games had their most recent draws this week. While one will be coming in with a newly-replenished jackpot prize, the other is teasing at a $100 million jackpot prize ... Read More »

Mega Millions Jackpot: Hello, $309m!

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The US Mega Millions is on a roll… A rollover, to be exact! This world-famous lottery game has been enjoying the attention received by millions of lottery enthusiasts all over the world, with it’s steadily-increasing jackpot prize up for grabs to the player – or players – who are fortunate enough to correctly match up all five main numbers (ranging ... Read More »

$270m Mega Millions Jackpot: Play to win!

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A very healthy spate of rollovers has seen US lotto giant, the Mega Millions, go into tonight’s draw (Friday, 7 March 2014) with a palatable $270 million jackpot – that’s nine digits worth of reasons to play your lucky lotto numbers in time for the draw! If you were to come across this win, a celebration would most certainly be ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Friday, 21 February 2014

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The latest instalment of the popular US Mega Millions game saw it being the (current) highest-paying jackpot game available. This $172,000,000 kitty on offer naturally saw a large amount of entries into the game; but were any of these entries fortunate enough to secure themselves a jackpot win? Here are the numbers that were drawn on Friday evening: These were ... Read More »

US MegaMillions Results | 11 February 2014


Last night’s US Mega Millions game went ahead as per usual, with a $122,000,000 jackpot on offer to entice all the entrants in the draw. It’s very seldom we get a nine digit jackpot to report on, but it is always quite welcomed nonetheless – especially for those competing in the game! It’s very seldom that we have both major ... Read More »

Next US Mega Millions Draw: What to Expect

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The next round of the ever-popular and internationally recognized lottery powerhouse, the US Mega Millions, is scheduled to take place tomorrow – Friday, 24 January 2014. Even though this lotto game has the potential to pay well into nine-figure jackpot prizes (exceeding the half a billion dollar mark, in fact!), for tomorrow’s draw we can expect to see a comparatively ... Read More »

Next US Mega Millions draw: What to expect?

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The countdown has begun to yet another installment of the critically-acclaimed US Mega Millions lotto game. And while the $51,000,000 annuity jackpot prize on offer (or $27,000,000 as a once-off cash lump sum payment) may be the cause of some players being lax about submitting their entries into this evening’s draw (Tuesday, 21 January 2014), let’s not forget that with ... Read More »