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Upcoming Mega Millions – Why Should YOU Play?

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Each week the USA lottery games offers up prizes which keep players coming back for more and more each week, proving why these games are the most popular and rewarding international lotteries.  Have a look at the quick review of what went down in the most recent draw to find out why you shouldn’t miss your chance to play in ... Read More »

Latest EuroMillions and MegaMillions Results – 18/02/15


As the middle of the week approaches winds down, the time has never been better to take a look at the latest lottery resultsfrom the last few days in order to see what you could be winning should you decide to play the lotto online. Who knows what you could be winning. Keep reading to find out more! Yesterday’s (Tuesday, ... Read More »

US Powerball Jackpot FINALLY Won! | 12 February’15

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US Lottery so very frequently rises up to the highest jackpot totals in the world – no wonder it has such an amazing reputation amongst lottery fans and dedicated players.  Last night’s draw saw the highly anticipated and extremely eagerly awaited US Powerball draw finally do what players have been hoping for for weeks, and that is – hand out ... Read More »

Latest Lottery Results – 3 Feb. ’15


  As the week gets into full swing, the time has never been better to make all of your dreams come true by winning big with your favourite international lottery game. Who knows how the month of February could pan out for you? If you want an idea of what you could be winning keep reading to find out what ... Read More »

US Lottery Taking Top Honors! | 20 October’14

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The lottery games of Mega Millions and Powerball have an astounding reputation for being top games as they pay out frequently, and pay out well! This week’s draw caught the world’s attention as jackpot’s ranged well over the $100 million mark. Let’s see just how well the popular Mega Millions Lottery and Powerball lottery behaved in its weekend draw. Mega ... Read More »

Mega Millions players waiting for the Big payout as the jackpot bumps Up to $28 Million.


Friday night’s Mega Millions draw again produced no jackpot winners, despite the upticks in ticket sales. However, the uptick wasn’t big enough to move the jackpot to its usual $10 million. Tuesday’s drawing is now worth $28 million. Since the Mega Million lottery changed its odds to make jackpots bigger but winning them less likely, there have been three drawings ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive: Penthouses


Living in, or owning a penthouse, has always been considered to be a social statement of “yeah, I’ve got it made”. There’s just something about living on the top floor of some of the most exclusive and desirable street addresses in the world and being privy to seemingly endless views of city landscapes, that leaves one feeling quite …content and ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive smartphones for the Millionaire

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Communication these days is something that has virtually become an essential part of living. If you’re not connected at all times via SOME means (be it telephonic/email/social media/instant messaging), isn’t it strange that you feel so “distanced” from the rest of humanity? The technology behind our mobile devices is evolving at a constant rate, with manufacturers in competition with each ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Last night we saw our favourite US lotto game, the US Mega Millions, open with an awfully tempting jackpot of $309 million. This amount came by way of multiple rollover draws, about twenty in total, which saw the game’s usual $15 million minimum jackpot being boosted dramatically up to this figure. All it would take to unlock this massive instant ... Read More »