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You’ve Just Won the Lottery! But…What Now?


We all spend a ridiculous amount of time daydreaming about what we would do if we ever won the lottery.  More importantly though, you should think about what you would actually do with the money if you did in fact find yourself in possession of some winning lottery numbers.  Here are a few important things for you to consider before ... Read More »

Latest Lottery Results – 3 Feb. ’15


  As the week gets into full swing, the time has never been better to make all of your dreams come true by winning big with your favourite international lottery game. Who knows how the month of February could pan out for you? If you want an idea of what you could be winning keep reading to find out what ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive smartphones for the Millionaire

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Communication these days is something that has virtually become an essential part of living. If you’re not connected at all times via SOME means (be it telephonic/email/social media/instant messaging), isn’t it strange that you feel so “distanced” from the rest of humanity? The technology behind our mobile devices is evolving at a constant rate, with manufacturers in competition with each ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Friday, 21 February 2014

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The latest instalment of the popular US Mega Millions game saw it being the (current) highest-paying jackpot game available. This $172,000,000 kitty on offer naturally saw a large amount of entries into the game; but were any of these entries fortunate enough to secure themselves a jackpot win? Here are the numbers that were drawn on Friday evening: These were ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Friday, 31 January 2014

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The latest US Mega Millions draw took place on Saturday, 31 January and marked the game’s final draw for the first month of the new year. And while the jackpot prize cannot be credited with being quite in the big leagues just yet, it is most certainly standing right on the threshold of another nine-digit amount; and in its current ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Friday, 24 Jan 2014

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The latest round of the ever-popular US Mega Millions draw ended up in yet another rollover. Despite this current jackpot prize not (yet) being in the major leagues like its US lotto sibling, the US Powerball, the $62,000,000 which was up for grabs still managed to attract a huge amount of attention from locals and foreign lotto enthusiasts alike. With ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Last night’s US Mega Millions lottery draw got underway with the anticipation of a possible $51,000,000 jackpot win at the back of the minds of all the participants who entered their sets of lucky numbers into the draw. With players all keen to win the prize and walk home with the win, they will be relieved to know that a ... Read More »

Choosing your Mega Millions lucky numbers

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If you’re like the bulk of lottery enthusiasts worldwide, then chances are that you’ve encountered the US Mega Millions lottery game and have grown to love it. With jackpot amounts that tower over all others, there’s no doubt that this US lotto game is truly one of the industry giants! The biggest recorded jackpot win to date offered up by ... Read More »

US Mega Millions Results | Friday, 17 January 2014


Friday, 17 January’s ever-popular US Mega Millions draw was held at the usual 23h00 ET. There was quite a substantial amount of interest expressed in this draw, thanks to the $41,000,000 jackpot prize on offer. Even though this amount could be considered to be “meagre” by this powerhouse of a lottery’s standards, the simple fact of the matter is that ... Read More »