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US Lotto Update | 11 April

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It’s been an interesting weeks as far as our favourite US lotto games go. With playing host to only the very best; the US Mega Millions and the US Powerball games had their most recent draws this week. While one will be coming in with a newly-replenished jackpot prize, the other is teasing at a $100 million jackpot prize ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Expensive smartphones for the Millionaire

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Communication these days is something that has virtually become an essential part of living. If you’re not connected at all times via SOME means (be it telephonic/email/social media/instant messaging), isn’t it strange that you feel so “distanced” from the rest of humanity? The technology behind our mobile devices is evolving at a constant rate, with manufacturers in competition with each ... Read More »

US Mega Millions: Fancy $240m in your bank account?


The US Mega Millions, champion of the international lottery games and darling of millions across the world, has been on yet another one of its famous rollover runs. While the game’s minimum jackpot is a comparatively conservative $15 million, it has taken an impressive 20 consecutive rollovers to get to this point – a rather scrumptious nine-figure jackpot prize of ... Read More »

US Powerball Results | Wednesday, 19 February 2014

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The US lotto game that has been the buzzword on everybody’s lips, the US Powerball, saw the latest draw taking place last night – Wednesday, 19 February. After riling everybody up and seducing all players of the game with its stunning $400,000,000 jackpot, a last-minute spike in entries saw the estimated jackpot value increase even further; finally settling on $425,300,000. ... Read More »

US Powerball: It’s Draw Time!


It is always a momentous occasion when any lottery game manages to crack that highly elusive and quite desirable nine-digit mark; as soon as the jackpot prize value exceeds $100,000,000 the public interest in the game automatically shoots up tenfold. Then again, let’s be realistic: who wouldn’t want to win a jackpot as impressive as that? Tonight’s US Powerball draw ... Read More »

Upcoming Mega Millions draw: What’s on offer?

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The US Mega Millions has managed to do it yet again, ladies and gentlemen… Coming into its true element, the biggest lotto game in America has once again cracked the nine-figure jackpot barrier, this time offering up a scintillating $122,000,000 for tonight’s draw (Tuesday, 11 February 2014). It’s the first time for 2014 that we see the Mega Millions jackpot ... Read More »

Choosing your Mega Millions lucky numbers

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If you’re like the bulk of lottery enthusiasts worldwide, then chances are that you’ve encountered the US Mega Millions lottery game and have grown to love it. With jackpot amounts that tower over all others, there’s no doubt that this US lotto game is truly one of the industry giants! The biggest recorded jackpot win to date offered up by ... Read More »

Mega Millions 2014: Let’s Play!


With the new year still fresh upon us, this is generally the time where we sit down to evaluate the year gone by and look forward to new beginnings for 2014. Have you decided on any new year’s resolutions yet? Or are you one of those who takes life as it comes? Either way, we think that one of the ... Read More »

Mega Millions Update: Jackpot prize increases to $586m!

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The US Mega Millions international lottery jackpot has seen a spate of rollovers which has put it into a considerably powerful position – with $586 million on offer for tonight’s draw (Tuesday, 17 December 2013) we could see a potentially massive jackpot win! This huge jackpot comes courtesy of a total of 21 rollovers so far, which saw the jackpot ... Read More »

Mega Millions draw: 17 December 2013


Interest and expectations are higher than ever in the US Mega Millions game, following yet another rollover which has resulted in this jackpot amount fast approaching a new record! After the 21st rollover on Friday, the expected jackpot amount had suddenly surged to $425 million, following an unexpected spike in ticket sales during the build up to the draw. Total ... Read More »