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Terms and Conditions

T’s & C’s is an affiliate website which will not collect or resell any personal data. We are an online portal for great international lottery deals.
Below are the standard Terms and Conditions of our Lotto Ticket Affiliate Program:
1. Charges will be in accordance with the stated fees
2. It is your responsibility to ensure that clear and correct instructions are issued to to execute the purchase of your entries. will accept no liability for any errors which may have occurred.
3. cannot be held accountable for any lost or delayed transactions caused by the failure of the computer systems used by the companies that operate the lotteries on offer, or for any other computer or communications fault that may occur in the transaction of this business.
4. cannot be held accountable for any late notification of entries for a particular draw. The onus falls on the customer to ensure that their orders are placed with sufficient time remaining for a draw, and that they are fully aware of the cut-off times for the draws. Should a customer not receive a confirmation email regarding their order (due to the customer’s ISP non-performance or any other reason) then they must check (prior to cut off time) their own transaction history online for manual confirmation of their entry. The customer will then have the choice of placing his/her order into the next draw. cannot be held liable if your entry was received too late for a draw and you had a winning combination in that draw. An entry would not have been purchased and therefore no winnings collected.
5. Your preferred method of payment will be processed immediately on completion of your order. If your payment method fails to process the transaction, you will be notified accordingly.
6. shall act as group manager in any collection of prize monies. These monies shall be paid to you, less any interest that may have accrued thereon and the mandatory 10% agency fee (for amounts exceeding £1000, €1000 or US$1000) within 10 (ten) working days of receipt from companies that operate the lotteries on offer.
7. All winnings withdrawn shall be paid directly into the customer’s bank account in their choice of either Pounds, Euros or US Dollars once they have selected the Cash Withdrawal option and have submitted all required details in order to facilitate the payment. In certain and exceptional cases, special settlement arrangements can be made.
8. The entry is purchased at your request, subject to rules and regulations governing online transactions and fraud prevention. In the event of any fraudulent activity being detected which directly affects a ticket purchase, the ticket purchased on your behalf will become the property of and any prize monies resulting therefrom shall remain the absolute property of Any funds which have been deposited into a customer account are deemed to be payment for future entries, and therefore as a result may NOT be withdrawn. In addition, NO funds added to the customer’s account by way of any promotional offer (including, but not limited to double deposits, ad-hoc winnings, loyalty rewards, LottoPoints expiration redemption credit) or at the discretion of, may be withdrawn.
9. reserves the right to withdraw this service with immediate effect and without prior notice.
10. and its associated brands are neither associated with The National Lottery, nor endorsed by Camelot Plc, the National Lottery Commission, MUSL, Sisal nor any of the companies that operate the lotteries on offer.
11. All customer data will be treated confidentially and will NOT be sold to other entities.
12. Your payment method will be processed immediately after confirmation of your order.
13. For transactional security purposes, the affiliate program uses SSL encryption.
Refunds and Cancellations:
i) Payment: Major credit cards as well as NETELLER deposits ( and Ukash deposits ( are accepted, or please remit payment advice to us. If you wish to pay using another payment method, please contact the affiliate program.
ii) Despatch: The tickets purchased at your request are chosen by you on the PLAY page of the website; or can commence from a future date specified by yourself on the PLAY page if and as required. We cannot purchase entries for the draw after the cut-off time, which is 4pm GMT on the day of the draw. The website automatically changes over to the next available draw date at close-off time. Despatch of your Confirmation of Entry will be immediate via email, and no liability shall be attached to for losses incurred by lack of performance by customers’ Internet Service Providers or any other technical failure.
iii) Alteration of your order, should you change your mind: We will allow you to change your subscription upon the following conditions: 1) Your order is legitimate (non-fraudulent) and 2) The entries in question have not yet been purchased. Based on evaluation of the above conditions, we will edit the remaining entries in your subscription if notified with sufficient time to change the entries. Please note that the entries are sent for purchasing throughout the course of the day, and once they have been purchased we cannot alter your entries. To apply for an alteration of a subscription, please email us on
iv) Cancellations: We are unable to cancel any entries submitted; we are only able to alter the date of your entries (please see point iii).
14. We encourage the cardholder to print out all electronic entry data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later stage, and keep them at an easily-accessible place.
15. All orders shall be processed as soon as possible.
16. In the event of a change of local legislation, i.e. where tickets offered by our company are purchased by foreign players, reserves the right to continue to take entries into a lottery draw where the numbers drawn and the prizes paid out are based exactly on those as quoted by the official data suppliers. also reserves the right to pay on an annuity basis over a reasonable period of time on jackpot and Tier 2 amounts won.
17. Force Majure applies, i.e. shall have no liability for any failure to deliver entries you have ordered (or delay in doing so), that is caused by any event or circumstances beyond reasonable control.
18. You may not purchase entries or claim prize monies if you are under the age of 18 years old.
19. Only one account per customer will be permitted. reserves the right to disable, ban or remove accounts that are deemed to be duplicated. furthermore reserves the right to ban and/or suspend any customer that in’s sole discretion, displays any intention of duplicating their accounts or abusing registration services in any way.