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Upcoming Mega Millions – Why Should YOU Play?

Each week the USA lottery games offers up prizes which keep players coming back for more and more each week, proving why these games are the most popular and rewarding international lotteries.  Have a look at the quick review of what went down in the most recent draw to find out why you shouldn’t miss your chance to play in the upcoming draw tonight:

The latest Mega Millions lottery on Friday’s (May 1st) saw no players who were fortunate enough to match all of the numbers required to place in the first tier where they could claim the irresistible $96 million prize.  There was however one player who was successful in matching the five main numbers drawn, allowing them to be granted with guaranteed winnings of an impressive $1 million, which is more than enough if you ask us!  Another 25 players became winners in the third prize tier, where each of them were awarded with a high $5, 000 for matching four main numbers as well as the Mega Ball.  Here’s a quick recap on the detailed Mega Millions results from the latest draw:

One man from Columbia, who chose to stay anonymous, is not quite sure how he will be spending the $1 million which he scooped up in the Mega Millions lottery, but there’s no doubt that he will be having loads of fun trying to figure it out.  Left in utter disbelief and shock, this retiree was busy checking his lottery numbers online for a stack of tickets which he had purchased.  As he was making his way through them and tossing the ones which weren’t lucky, he stumbled onto a keeper.  His winning lottery ticket had five numbers which matched those drawn on April 21st, meaning that he was a lucky winner!

He put the ticket down and came back thirty minutes later to double check whether he had winning lotto numbers or not.  Sure enough his ticket, which he had bought at the Eagle Express on Airport Blvd. in West Columbia was one winning lottery ticket.  He had missed the Mega Ball number, which would have seen him walk away with as much as $5 million.  Beating the 1 in 18 million chances and walking away as one of the latest lucky millionaires, this player definitely has no regrets and is more than happy with what he’s gotten.

Beautiful woman shopping over the internet.

Playing in tonight’s Mega Millions (Tuesday, May 5th) will see you in the running to snatch up an unbelievable $110 million!  With the jackpot prize rolling over for the past few weeks, there’s no better chance for you to leap at the opportunity to win this mind-blowing prize which could undoubtedly change your life forever.  Don’t forget to place your entries in time and, before you know it, you could be one of the lucky players to fall into the next set of lottery results!  Best of luck to all of those who will be playing, may you walk out victorious.