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USA Lotto Weekend Update | 19th May ’15


There are an endless amount of opportunities for you to walk away a winner with the USA lotto, which offers up life-changing prizes week after week.  There’s no doubt that you could finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of, where you won’t have bills piling up everywhere and you won’t have to stress about how you’ll make it through the month.  Take a look at this weekend’s lottery results to get a taste of what could be yours:


The Mega Millions draw on Friday (15th May) wasn’t successful in bringing in any jackpot winners, with no one who was lucky enough to match the five numbers as well as the Mega Ball.  The first tier remained empty, with no one who was able to claim the $159 million prize.  This will see a rollover taking place, which leaves the estimated jackpot prize for the next draw on Tuesday (19th May) at an even higher and more unbelievable $173 million!

The two players in the second prize tier were the first winners for the night, each walking away with $1 million for matching five numbers.  Moving into the third tier, as much as $5, 000 was given to each of the 47 players who were grouped for matching four numbers and the Mega Ball.  With winnings of $500, there were 588 players who became winners in the fourth tier, each of whom were fortunate enough to match four numbers correctly.  All of the Mega Millions results of the latest draw have been tabulated for you below:

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Saturday’s (16th May) Powerball draw didn’t produce any jackpot winners either, as a result of there being no players who were lucky enough to match the five main numbers and the Power Ball to place in the first tier.  With the $110 million main prize not being claimed, there will be yet another rollover taking place.  The upcoming draw will be on Wednesday (20th May) with an estimated jackpot prize of $121 million up for grabs to any player who can step up and match all of the numbers drawn.

There were four players who were brought in in the second tier, where they were granted with their guaranteed winnings of $1 million for matching the five main numbers.  The third tier placed 24 players who are now $10, 000 richer thanks to their luck in matching four numbers and the Power Ball.  Down in the fourth tier, $100 was awarded to the 756 players who matched four numbers successfully.  The latest results as well as the Powerball winning numbers can be found right here:

There’s no time like right now to get started and play lotto online.  Tonight’s draw could see you walking away a winner, so get going right now to make sure that you’re in the running to become the next big winner.  Best of luck gamers!